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Aspiring pilot from North Yorkshire moors

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Heyup everyone, wanted to introduce myself. I'm wanting to get into this fantastic looking sport.

Current plan involves reading and watching as much as I can about paramotors, trying to find out what's makes a good/bad motor ( sifting through the all the propaganda is a bit hard work)

I've bought myself one book, read that ( not memorised it) got another commit, paramotor bible v4.

I'm planning to go to Spain to do my course in January, hopefully then I'll have more of an idea of the kind of kit I will be wanting.

As for now with no experience the idea of buying sec one hand is out the question as I don't know what's good and bad and won't be able to tell if the seller is feeding me a pile a bovine excretion about its history/use/age.

But I must admit I like the look of the parajet frames. Thy just seem sturdy and fairly slick. The volution that is, the zenith looks a little bit bendy for my liking, alt how the interchangeable parts is nice.

What are people's thaughts?



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I love the V3 and the Zenith but I think unless you have a 'need' to be able to pack down into a small case then the v3 is a better option :)

I always tell my guys, buying the kit is the easy bit.!! Avoid eBay there is almost always a 'known' person who can be trusted selling kit on this forum, if advertised here by someone who's been around for a while it's likely to be a decent option. Also if it's a scam sale we will spot it in seconds :-)



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