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Airbox Aware 5 - thoughts and feelings?

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Hey Pilots

Excuse if this has been discussed but worth starting a-fresh.

Now I've already got myself my brilliant Fenix 3 Sapphire birthday present, it's time to start thinking about Christmas!

I use XC Soar on my Samsung phone and find it pretty good but now this Airbox 5 is only £200.00, is that the best thing out there? Seems like the real "pro" option, no?

What are your thoughts/ experiences? Simon - do you have one in your helicopter?



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The aware 5 is brilliant BUT ideally requires an external power supply.

It is also only a 'warning' device rather than a nav device.

The Aware5+ has the route planning and GPS stuff.. but again, ideally requires an external power supply.

Aside from the local paper chart, I use an iPad with the RunwayHD app for all flying (its an app produced by the same company as the Aware and Aware+

Hope that helps.


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