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New British Paramotor Manufacturer


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Now that there are a few (e.g. BlackMagic, Corsair, Simonini) engines out there to just bolt into a frame I expect a lot more of this sort of start up.

As you say great to see a British company going for it. I like the little touches like the strobe, choice of prop, titanium frame.

The next big engineering step change will be when somone develops a decent (reclined) harness system. Airgate have made the first attempt.

Who is the dealer for these Custom_Air machines and can they organise a demo day?

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Hi Guys.

Please call Carl for prices on Motors, there are 2 options. http://www.custom-air.co.uk/

He is the dealer and UK manufactuer at the moment. I think there will soon be other dealers.

My other motors were DK Whisper, Pap 80, H&E and Parajet. They were all good but non compared to the Custom Air Cruiser in my opinion.

I have taken a few hi-res pics if you want, I can email them to you.

One of the great things is the great power output and the low weight of 22.5kg (thats everything less fuel). Including battery and electric start, harness everthing.

The Paramotor with the 120 cc engine is only 19kg. (that includes clutch).

Its all my opinion and we all have our own favorites/past experiences.


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