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Flying locations around Peterborough

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Hello all,

A friend a I recently went two's in and purchased a used paramotor and wing which will perform with both our loaded weights.

We are looking for places to fly around Peterborough. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be most grateful.

We are both active skydivers (jump from Sibson) and are comfortable under canopy, and have previously undergone paramotor instruction, which was a good few years back.

I purchased a training harness which I've been using for practice launches, and am now ready to get in the air.

I'm looking to get airborne this weekend, and have had our wing/motor harness thoroughly checked out by a rigger which got the all clear.

I've approached a local farmer near Peterborough who has asked me to give him a week to decide which of his or his or neighbours fields I can fly from given he has lots of livestock.

Being slightly impatient I'd still like to get up this weekend....

If there's anyone around Cambridgeshire that would like to meet and maybe fly please get in touch.



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