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My first Paramotor flight - Membury 20/10/15

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Not exactly Ridley Scott production I know, but for anyone thats interested here's a quick edit of my first flight, from Membury Services yesterday evening.....


Thank you so much to Simon, Colin and all at Paramotorclub.org for getting me up on the air. By far one of the greatest experiences I have ever had (and there have been a few)

If you're reading / watching this and thinking about learning to Paramotor - Just go for and book your course and do it!! Its TOTALLY AMAZING.

Sasha (Still buzzing) :dive:

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Mate thanks very much indeed for your kind words :-)

We all knew you were going to love it!!!

May there be many many more to come :-)


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Excellent video ' I'd forgotten what it was like , my first solo from membury seeing the field from one dimension then the day your feet leave the ground then it's all different trying to take it all in , and remember what you been told then listening to instructions through head set to set up for a landing . Excellent first flight well done .


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  • 4 months later...

Me again,

4 months on from that first flight, I am now on Flight #4. Not helped by some pretty awful weather along the way however Simon and Col from Paramotorclub are always at Membury ready to teach you on any day that weather permits it.

This was by far my most enjoyable flight of all, none of them have been un-enjoyable - far from it, but as the sun was shining, it was a beautiful cold and crisp winters morning, and for the first time I felt really comfortable about being a pilot. I went up high, I flew down low, spent a bit of time with a fellow paramotorer in the air with me, said hello to some deer and sheep. Totally amazing.

Check out my video:


I've said it before, I'll say it again... if you are (like I was) dreaming of flight and spending hours on end watching videos of other people fly, then do something about it and learn to Paramotor. :wingover:

See you in the sky.


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