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Wisley Aerodrome

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Hi Pilots

Does anyone have any experience of flying Wisley or know anyone to make a deal with there? It's a murky world of dodgey Cayman Island-based Russian investor and more. I'd love to negotiate something to make that a site for us. I'm sure we can do it. I saw the lovely video by "Paul" - not sure you took off from there? And Morgy - do you guys have any skinny or contacts?

My Quest For A Field:

In my quest for a field close to home and good for all meteo and costs less than £10 a flight, I decided to go and reccie Wisley Aerodrome. Googled it, studied up on it first and then drove down there to see what I could find out from the villagers. Controversial doesn't begin to describe the story around it but I was still surprised to be approached within minutes by a local who saw me walking around the field checking the possibilities and the trespassing sign. I didn't have the motor or wing out and was just picking up bits of grass to check wind direction. Was very variable last Saturday. I may have looked like I was a Springbok rugby shirt-wearing developer surveying the property with plans to build shopping centre with affordable housing and schools.

What ensued was a briefing that you could write a book about.Very friendly Ben's house is right on the edge of the East end of the runway. The bottom line, after diplomatically and patiently trying to negotiate some flying without breaking the law, seemed to be that I could go for it in spite of the sign but one of the local activists would more than likely phone the police... he didn't clearly imply that it might be him. I assured him I wouldn't think of it, hoping that if I toe the line like a respectable gent and aviator, somewhere down the line if I'm nice and sweet this could be a brilliant place to fly from with some future, careful negotiation.

Ben did however kindly point me to Ockham Cricket Club which looked nice on Google earth in my earlier research too. So I went there, was forced to endure 10 minutes of one of the most vicious and unpleasantly competitive football games I've ever had to watch, while I waited politely until the linesman/ boss of the field that day could be freed up at half-time so I could ask for permission to fly. He actually said yes! But he wasn't the big boss and I figured if I distracted the players in the second half in any way, they may start punching me instead of eac hother. That might have ruined it (and me) forever.

So nothing concrete there yet but a softly softly approach is my way and I'll keep on it. Would be great if someone has knowledge or contacts around there, chaps?



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