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Spark Plug Cleaning?

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Hi Pilots

I had a flight last Monday morning at the Bore Chaser Flyin and my motor seemed to be very misfire-ey (technical term) I resolved to clean the spark plug before my next flight since I had all ready ordered two by mail order from Nirvana. I didn't have time to google it and see how best - or if at all to do this. I read a thread on this forum with the usual completely mixed oponions we always get in PPG. I remember in my youth on my ancient RZ80 mx bike when I couldn't afford a new spark plug that I sanded it down and ensured the gap was perfect.

What is the general feeling these days on cleaning plugs? the post on here is from 2011.

Add to that, In my search I found this excellent post which is really interesting and informative and I thought worth sharing - thanks Turbo!

http://www.saparamotorforum.co.za/viewt ... ?f=11&t=63



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Well I never...

After I wrote the above post, I just had a thought - as I'm going to do from now on, that I should google helicopter forums. They can't afford to muck about with crucial safety elements and there are generally hard and fast rules for them or full replacement before attempting any flight, if in any doubt. Then this popped up:

http://flighttraining.aopa.org/magazine ... an_It.html

Very interesting because that's coincidentally exactly what I did. I leaned both jets a bit for the next flight and clearly I unknowingly did what that link said happens. Yet again I'm more than delighted to have an EGTS and a lambda sensor with in-flight carb adjustors so I could tweak it back if it all got too hot suddenly. Having these bits really has enhanced my pleasure and confidence in my engine in flight. Massive thanks to Barry Holleran, as always, for introducing me to and selling me kit with all these gizmo's on.



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