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Barry's field Sunday anyone.


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Hi Cas, was good meeting you guys at the bore chasers fly in last weekend. As mentioned then I've only flown once at Barry's field a couple of months back but keen to do much more there. Would come join tomorrow but my machine is also grounded. The magneto flywheel from my volution compact decided to make an escape and damaged the woodruff key when it tried to rattle its way off last Saturday. Not fixed yet unfortunately. Will hopefully see you guys at Barry's field another time. Have a good flight. Cheers (another) Steve

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Hi Steve , hope you sort your motor soon . We had a good time at Barry's.

Ruped ( sorry forgot his name ) turned up towards the end . I had a couple of failed forwards . Dropped the right brake out of my hand twice , still getting used to the cameleon throttle ?? My mate used my swing Arcus wing

Last flight before I sell it along with a Radne which he used at the bore chaser gig . Today though he used a Bailey v4 over weight but was ok .

Any way sort your motor out . Hope it hasn't damaged the taper on your crank.


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PJ couldn't get the part from Polini until November despite best efforts. I decided to try myself and managed to find one via Dan at Freshbreeze UK and it was posted direct from Germany to PJ HQ so big thanks to Dan.

PJ have had it running today so will be picking it up tomorrow - ready to take down to Spain on Sat!

Glad you had a good flight - I'm hoping after a week in Spain we will have got all our gremlins sorted on our kit...


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First sign of trouble was mid flight XC when coming out of a practice forced landing, full throttle engine just died to idle but not dead. Limped home blipping the throttle as too much and would cut back.

Suspected I had leaned it out too much (only thing changed since last flight) as had oilly plug before that, so put it back to where it was. Couldn't seem to re create the problem on the ground before or after mixture change. Same problem next flight. By chance when on the ground I ran it not on my back and basically fuel may as well of been sparkling -so many bubbles.

Problem found I thought - checked for any leaks and put a new quick release on. Next time at Barrys was still getting bubbles but not a great deal decided to try a flight.

Flew again for 5 mins all fine, took off again an 10 mins in blown piston, looked like the CHT might of been as high as 250C but cant remember which flight it was from.

My hypothesis as cant be 100% is that as the adapter from the tank to the quick release is Alu and the connector SS, after running a while expansion rates being different might lead to more air bubbles. I suspect if I could see it there would of been lots of bubbles before the pop.

Anyway got the motor back from PJ today with all my instructions (straight fixed connectors). They ran it for 30 mins and seems fine so fingers crossed sorted.....

Time will tell - first chance to have a go will be in Spain next week :-S

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