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Here is where im going to post my experience with PPG. booked up last week with simon and i hope to go down next friday ( 2nd oct 15 ) for my first lesson. will update as i go along. :roll:

forgot to add that im terrified of going up high. this is more of a motivation thing to get my fear of heights gone ( I HOPE ) so spending £900 on training to fly a PPG is one way to motivate me. no one likes to lose £900 do they.. next on the list is fear of deep water :lol::lol:

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arrived just gone 10am because my sat nav got me lost.

did some ground handling and at first i thought it would be easy but its NOT. its really tiring stuff.

After about 12pm i managed to control it a bit more and steer it.

1pm the wind vanished and never really came back.

i plan to go back for my 2nd day next friday. ( 9.10.15) :tripup:

Dont listen to what most of the youtube videos say. they make it sound like you can just get a wing and fly. the ground handling is tough going for a newbie and if you managed to get air born i dont think you would last long without the ground handling.

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arrived at the airfield to find it was to damp to get the wings out. waited about for around 30-45 mins and then decided to just do it. did some ground handling which im getting the hang of now.

Then at midday colin gave me a harness to try some forward launching. my first one was perfect but i feel im a bit rusty at it and may need more time to prefect it. the wind changing direction every 10 seconds didnt really help matters. i keep forgetting to let go of my A Risers which isnt a good habit to have. i also need to learn to relax a bit more.

around 230pm i pulled a hamstring but nothing to serious a hot bath didnt really fix. feel a bit bruised but im ready for my 3rd day next week :explode:

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