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Paramotoring equipment has evolved to the point of being able to travel great distances, but because of this it's easy to stray into controlled airspace if knowledge of an area is a little "grey". The problem isn't so much the major airports which are usually well known and obvious but the smaller aerodromes and other features which need to be encounterd according to regulations. My local airfield has had several recent incursions which if not checked is likely to sooner or later result in a serious incident, or at least another step towards our sport becoming regulated. I would like to suggest therefore that all pilots familiarise themselves thoroughly of what's around wherever they fly.


Nigel Dunlop


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Good point Nigel.

I'm sure all that have had PMC training know that it is a legal requirement to know where you are, in other words to have a chart with you, whether it is paper or electronic.

Others please note, there are rules in place for everyone's safety.



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Lordfrench, I carry a scan of my local area from my airmap, which lives on the leg map pocket of my flying suit. Also I used my phone's camera to take several pictures of my southern UK airmap so that if I do visit somewhere else such as fly-ins I can refer to them without the inconvenience of carrying the full sized map.

My Garmin GPS has the ability to mark circles overlaid on the map screen so configured as to mark airspace boundaries of my local airfields so I can see exactly where I am if I have to skirt round one.


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RunwayHD for ipad / phone is my favourite.

Discount code: PARAMOTORCLUB2014

There is a legal requirement for all pilots of all aircraft (including Paramotors) That you carry a paper current chart with your route marked on it and a barometric rather than GPS altimeter.

MANY pilots of all aircraft also choose to ignore this.

The CAA are planning a review which will introduce GPS units and apps into training with a view to allowing (aircraft powered) GPS systems as an alternative to a paper map to satisfy this requirement in the future.

As a rule, if your flying outside of your local area take a paper map and mark your route. If you at all doubt your ability to stick to a 'clean' route DONT TAKE OFF.

As most of you know, I am now also a helicopter pilot and although made a good effort to keep clear of airspace before getting this licence. I now make 200% sure of it with my new understanding of how very dangerous it is to be there with no one knowing about it. I don't even like flying around airspace if its off the end of the active runway!!

The airfield in question had 300 movements on the 'day' this happened. Just think about that for a second. Why the hell would you WANT to put yourself in that place? Even if you don't give a toss about other peoples safety surely there is concern for ones own ??

I think we have reached a point (happening too much) that naming and shaming is in order. I for one would like to know who these people were so that I can stop them from attending our events / airfield. Why would anyone want them on there airfield?

Stick to the empty bits guys and girls, there is masses of it :-)


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Just for the ones out there who are not on Iphone/Ipad... I just emailed the makers of RunwayHD (Simons always banging on about it :D ) asking if they had anything in the pipeline for Android / Google Play devices. They swiftly replied as follows;

"We are hoping to have this available within the next couple of weeks. We will be sure to inform all new and existing customers."

Simon, do you think you'll be able to sort out a suitable Promotional code? I'm always looking for a deal.

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Personally I like to fly with a chart and compass... a bit nerdy I know! This weekend I've flown a total of 87 miles (via two flights) and I used a chart all the way. Never used a gps before though so not sure of how much easier/harder it is.

The only other bit of information I need is groundspeed and height. Height I can guesstimate closely enough (for clearance purposes) but groundspeed is a tad tricky... and is vitally important to know if I have enough fuel to get where I'm going. For now I just check my iphone, usually just once as I'm scared I'll drop it, then I squirrel it away.

Anyway back to the point... I don't want to be anywhere I shouldn't be, probably no more than anyone else wouldn't want me there!

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I want joint to Nigel appeal,about maps and charts,but this is sometimes not enough,many "pilots"

flying in wrong time and place,because never ever check NOTAM http://notaminfo.com/ukmap.

ones I was witness very irresponsible behaviour .midweek day-when minutes after para motor pilot ,few military jets crossing same route :?:shock:

I leave in aerial very often visiting by military aircraft's especially in midday,sometimes observing fly military jets,Hercules planes,and different helicopters like Apache,or Chinook-very,very low flying level,much later then 6pm.

please give them ring free phone 0800 515544,leave message where you want to fly,time,personal data,at last 24hr before you fly and get your authorization code.after that they switch off about 2.5 nautical miles from your take-off side make your morrre safe.

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A notam does not normally trigger an avoidance zone except certain sites which have a lot of activity have a 2.5nm avoidance area which can be triggered by a notam.

The notam just lets all other air users know that you may be in a certain area, but does not mean that they have to avoid that area.

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