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Hi all, this is my first post! I'm keen on aviation and have flown (and crashed!) a number of RC aircraft. I have envied many a paramotorist scudding around the sky on a sunny day. I looks fantastic from the ground, must be even better in the sky.

Anyway, I'm looking at training and kit. One problem that I have is that I suffer from spondylosis which results in back and hip pain from time to time as it flares up. The issue for me is weight. I weigh approx. 95kg in the buff and would like as light a motor on my back as I can find. In the long term I might have to resort to a trike, but will resist this route if I can. Do you have any recommendations as to suitable paramotors?

Any advice would be most gratefully received.

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Hi and welcome,

I would suggest that you just crack on with your training and then talk to people in the field about kit. Many will offer advice here I am sure but there is huge value in having the same motor as the people on your field as a spares pile can be built up. Advice on tweak's and such...

Don't underestimate how much technique has to do with it (rather than physical effort)



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Agree with the above. I'm heavier than you at 105kg, you are going to need the more powerful motors, Macro V2 , or the Moster powered units. It depends then on what Paramotor the motor goes in but there's probably no more than 5kg range in weight between lightest and heaviest. Light often means less robust and you may be thankful of something that can take the inevitable knocks of learning. When you start and you are developing technique you need not be carrying a heavy fuel load, so I'd be going for a good robust unit and no be too worried about how weight penalty that would come with. Let's see what others say

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