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Vetkoek and Vleis Festival Saturday


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Hey Pilots

Good friends of mine are running a new festival which I will be flying from on Saturday. It is a very South African affair (Vetkoek is a South African savoury donut type thing and Vleis is MEAT. Yes, Braai/BBQ Biltong and RUGBY, of course!) and pilots will be welcome. I plan to take a flip from there over to Paramotorclub and back - do you have anything going on at your field on Saturday? Would be quite fun to fly in to the festival for lunch (Best BBQ/ Braai you will ever have had... probably) and my friends are very keen to include PPG as a bit of a spectacle. We will be able to land and take off far enough away from the festival to keep legal. There are no airspace issues.

The Address is:

Vetkoek and Vleis festival

Priors Court Rd,

Hermitage, Newbury,

West Berkshire

RG18 9TG

United Kingdom

Hope to see you there or at Paramotorclub on my sortie over there.



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Howdy Patpux

Will be a mile from Newbury show but to be honest it is possible the vetkoekandvleis fest might have over 1000 peeps. That would scupper my plans of flying from there. I could join you for a flip over it from your field or I could fly from Paramotorclub which is a bit further drive though.

It is an all day event with the South Africa game kick off at 16h30 on a big screen there.

Shout if I can join you for a morning flight



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Hey Patpux

Was that you who flew over the fest? Crowd was happy and thought it was me. I didn't fly which is tragic! But the rugby game put just about everything on earth in the shade! Japan were astonishing. No words for the Springbok performance but this picture popped up. Pretty much sums it up!

Oh - you guys flying out that way again today? Looks fantastic. Any tips for thermalling with high hang points? Do you just crank the wing tip steering? Certainly can't lean into a thermal. It feels like I'm stuck in a box.




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