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Super Lite Trike plan for shop builts

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On 4/18/2018 at 9:24 AM, AndyB said:

Next job is to make the front forks. This required the making of several jigs to hold things in place while drilling holes. The holes MUST be straight and have to go through 2 round tubes. This first jig is for attaching the steering bar.


Next comes the very tricky hole needed for the steering pivot. As well as another jig, it also needed some very long drill bits and a full size floor pillar drill - to get the clearance.



Next is the fibreglass axles. These 1" diameter rods are supposed to slide into the 1" bore of the centre support tubes. They don't. This required lots of careful sanding. Need to keep the rods round of course. Marking the surface helps know where you have sanded.



That last pic above shows one of the mounting tubes in place. It has to be a nice sliding, but not tight fit as these slot out for transport. I then had the same issue with getting the rods into the wheels. After a lot more sanding it is starting to look trike like.



Wow. Looks like you are taking credit for my design. Did you purchase these plans? I’m reporting you to the admin.

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Here's the plans in discussion. I hope they come in handy to the community. Good luck to you all willing to go down the DIY route. LiteFlyer Trike with AC 2 1.pdf

Well I've finally test flown the trike! And its fair to say it was a complete success. I had, had an outing about a week ago where I set up to fly but binned one launch then the wind got up so aborted

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Hi, I would be very careful about just using these plans. I have made 3 trikes and they do not work well as per the "Lite Trike" plans. If you fly from tarmac, or very, very flat, short grass, then it works ok, but anything a little bit bumpier and it will bend the main angle bracket. Many people have found this.I removed all my improvements and links after Don sent me unpleasant messages.

I have strengthened the main cross member, added quick release axels and a split main tube (also with quick release). This enables the machine to sit on a car tow ball rack with the trike still attached. It takes under 30 seconds to slot the wheels back on. I also greatly improved the method for attaching an AC Nitro or Tornado, not requiring the vertical tubes that get in the way of your arms!

Good luck. The plans are on Ebay usually. 


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