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Super Lite Trike plan for shop builts


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I've got a very light paramotor trike and now have designed a no weld version. I had read about another trike that boasted a no weld trike and thought it was a great idea.

I use 6061 T6 aluminum so it has really good strength. The parts can be bought for pennies.

If you bend it or break it. You just unbolt the part and straighten or replace it. The trike is built with just 7 pieces of aluminum, 2 fiberglass axles and 3 wheels. As it sets only 2 pieces could bend or break for the most part, and the cost of each is under $20.

This makes for a very affordable trike.

It had to be easy to build without purchasing any expensive tools. Drill, hacksaw, wrenches and a file are all that's needed. Other power tools do make the process easier like a drill press, table saw and a angle grinder.

In the end I did add two weld options but the cost for it is very little.

Estimated cost: $60 to $75 for aluminum and $275 for the wheels.

Please feel free to post feed back of any type on this trike.

We are now offering the plan to build this trike on our eBay UK eBay.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/291555907626?ss ... 1555.l2649

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Hi Al it looks nice and sturdy and i personally like that you use your own harness etc i had a trike that used comfort bars to attach the wing to and just didn't like the feel of not being attached to the wing directly.

Would it work with a Parajet Zenith.


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2 hours ago, AndyB said:

Hi Diyan,

Just started ordering the parts to build trike for my Nitro. :)

Couple of questions:

Why do you put the centre tube on top for AC? Would it not be easier to leave it underneath and then not need spacers?

Are they the 12" wheeleez wheels?

I have found 1" solid glassfibre rod, but was wondering if 1" carbon fibre, cross-wound tube would be better for weight (1/3 of weight of GRP).

Cheers, Andy


Hello Andy and sorry for the delayed response.

Firstly let me point out these aren't plans of mine but rather those of the person who started the topic and tried monetising them.

Secondly I will try and answer your questions as accurate as possible and to the best of my personal knowledge and competency. I trust there's no need to say I won't take any responsibility should anything goes wrong.

1. It would be easier to leave it underneath but in my opinion this way it will take you longer to attach your paramotor to the trike;

2. The wheels are 11.8” Wheeleez wheels, correct.

3. The carbon fibre cross-wound tube would definitely be better for weight saving but I'm not absolutely sure about the actual strength of the material. If it matches or exceeds the solid glass-fibre rod's strength then I see no problem with using your alternative.

Any more questions - feel free to ask and I'll try and answer.

I hope this helps and good luck with building the trike!

Please don't forget to keep us posted on the progress and feel more than free to post some photos as you're building it. It will be like a supporting guide to the one in the plans.

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Hi Andy

I have these plans, too, and have been rather half heartedly looking for parts, but havent really got started because I couldnt find anywhere to get the Wheeleez wheels at a reasonable price. Best i could find in this country was here, http://www.rosscastors.co.uk/balloon-beach-wheels-300mm-diameter-wz1-30uc.html at £100 a pop!

Would be really interested to know where you got the aviation aluminium, and if you had to buy longer lengths than you need would be pleased to buy off you.

These any good for the U bolts? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/U-bolts-nuts-zinc-plated-for-british-standard-pipe-in-nominal-bore-BSP-sizes/251915657066?hash=item3aa757df6a:m:mQX6KJkFMIESIGElMkW4aTQ. this is what popped up on ebay

On the carbon fibre, I did some bending  calcs on http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/#!/cured-carbon-fibre-products/carbon-fibre-tube/roll-wrapped-carbon-fibre-tube/carbon-fibre-tube-roll-wrapped-22-2mm.html and found it was  more than capable of supporting 160kg load (even doubled to allow for impact load), I wasnt sure, though about its capability to withstand the crushing/ line loading where it enters the holding tube on the axle angle, certainly I think it could do with an aluminium insert there and anywhere its clamped.....all of which might negate the weight saving.

When I totted up the weight I thought it was going to be possible to come in under 14kgs, which I need if I want to stay with my present wing.

Very interested to see how you get on

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19 minutes ago, AndyB said:

All parts, including all the fasteners, now ordered. Wheels £250, the rest £170.

Sounds great mate. Can't wait to see it all ready. Don't be surprised if you start getting requests for orders on ready made trikes. :D

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I've done some trawling the internet having found 6061 T6 aluminium hard to come by in the UK. Turns out it is more readily available in the US (where these plans are were written). I have read that 6082 T6 is nearly identical in composition and characteristics ....and that is much more readily available at Metals4U, amongst others, I'm sure


So I think 6082 T6 will be good for the structural stuff, but not sure whether it will work for the Front fork which needs to be formable...any metalurgists here?

Thanks for the Wheeleez supplier, Andy. I had seen them in my trawling but had assumed wrongly that packaging to UK would make them about as expensive. They are still eye wateringly expensive ,though, compared to say something like this. I know theyre not the same, but would they really not work?


Next stop for me is to find the fibreglass axle material

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Has anyone considered using trailer wheels/tyres, I think that's what I have on my trike (not sure of the weight but almost certainly a lot cheaper and very strong........not so good for sand perhaps).

If it is of interest I have a friend who is selling 2 UK style powered parachutes (trike and wing), Rotax engined. At £1,000 and £1,500 respectively that's not a lot of money to get in the air. I started with one of these and then fitted a paraglider wing to it.

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