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Helmet lining


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Why not?

Because your brain is in your head and your brain plays a key part in keeping you alive :-) It also have similar properties to that of a mellon which is why a decent helmet is a much better option than a £2 shell of un-know origin.

It's just not worth it when you can get a tested to be safe helmet (with free insides) for around £50 or there about. If you can't afford to protect your head, just wait out a bit until you can or beg / borrow. :-)


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You know i saw that reply coming before i even wrote the original post.......

I wouldnt trust a £50 helmet to protect a brick

The shell is of a well known origin (still trading) and it actually ex-military, it has a single tiny chip in a non-structural area which apparently renders it "beyond economical repair" - I would trust this 10x more than a chinese ebay special.

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