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Membership and insurance

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Hi Simon, just been reading the thread on the 3rd party insurance, is there a membership and insurance form to fill in or do I do it separately? Further more I did my training many moons ago and it didn't involve credit actions or certificates so where does this leave me? Do I need to do some more training to be eligible for the cover? It's fine if I do just wondered who what where when?

Thanks in advance


Fylde Coast

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Hi Fraser,

In the order you asked...

1. joining: Log in, Click the 'My subscriptions' link in the box on the right.

This entitles you to a free air law lesson and a check flight at Membury.

2. You will them be able to call the insurance company with your number and buy it over the phone.

Regarding when, we are essentially full time on the airfield so very flexible toward when YOU can make it. :-)

Job done.

Please do call if you would like to arrange this.


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Both Mike Chilvers 'chilly' and or Clive Mason can also offer the same.

Clive it near Northampton and mike near Kings Lynn if that helps??

But it always nice to meet people from the forum in the field :-)


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