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Fund raising.

Guest francis777

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This is a discussion topic and here is a suggestion:-

Choose 6 air ambulances that are on our route.

Each pilot is allocated one air ambulance service to raise money for.

All flying and other organisations in that area (outdoor pursuits clubs, motor racers etc etc) who have an interest in the air ambulance service are sent the details of the trip, promo stuff or simply the address a website. They are invited to organise sponsorship locally for their pilot.

Set up a Just Giiving .com site for that pilot for that ambulance service and get the sponsors to pledge directly to that site, or collect locally and submit the proceeds to that site. All the accounting is done for us.

In addition each pilot sets up another Just Giving site for the childrens forces trust and sets about raising sponsorhip (by whatever means) for that cahrity. Most of us have forces connections so that side may be easier than the ambulance bit?

Doing it this way removes any questions about central organisation of funds and the accounting is all in place. Anyone who was previously involved but has stepped back can step back in again using this method perhaps?

This idea can be set up in addition to any other sponsorship/fund raising schemes that individual pilots have already thought of or are now in place.


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Hi Simon

I know you boys are going to make a fair effort to achieve a successful trip so I'll match that £ 100 donation for a good cause. If there is a bank account send me the number and sort code by email and will pay by BACS tomorrow.

Only one condition. Make sure that photo of big Rich (Whitters) and myself dont get out..! :oops:


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I am not sure if this is ethical but OK I accept :lol: thanks very much indeed!!

I will find and destroy the picture 'if I find out who took it in time' I think it was 'G' / Dave ???

We can not / will not fail with this sort of positive support!


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Here is the pic of the group photo at the Warren house Inn...

Simon, is that a vacuum cleaner attached to your nether regions?!? :shock::o:shock:

How about telling us who everyone is from left to right so we can put names to faces.



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From Left to right.

Terry W, Dave 'g', Ken 'Togsie', Pete B, Simon W, Colin B 'Weesplat', Francis 'francis777', Tony F 'asquaddie', Richard W, 'helimed01', Mike S 'mike'.


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