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Revo 2 trimmers troubl


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Hi, I see there are a few posts on the subject of Paramania trimmers but does anyone have a solution? No matter what I did last night I could not pull my trimmers down, to the point of being dangerous I was trying that hard, they just don't slide through that daft buckle system. The amount of red tape flapping around isn't great either, you have finger carefully to get hold of the right strap...not user friendly at all. Are there any modifications to be done to make it slide easier?

Thanks Fraser

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I never found a 'solution' on mine other than to do each one separately using both hands. Never was an issue other than being a moderate pain in the arse. Didn't really give it much thought after getting used to it although it was frustrating to start with.

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Thanks, I tried the two handed method but still struggled, just seems a bad design really, they should slide through with no issues...I'm struggling with where the marker goes too! Is it in neutral when the line is up to the buckles?? Or the middle of the neutral section? And why the surplus extension tape? Can it be let out more?

Sorry for all the questions but I've scoured the Internet and not really got answers.


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I fly a revo2 and can move the trimmers with the throttle in my hand gripping the strap with two fingers. It's smooth as silk.

Something isn't threaded correctly?

The keeper may have been stressed till it pinches inward and isn't releasing its bite.

You have to pull the strap that has the numbers on it to get it past neutral. The "handle" section will only get you in to 1 position out.

I press the keeper lever first as it will stay tight even in the inward movement. Then pull the trimmer in.

You need all the length the strap has in it to go to full reflex. Tuck the excess after the buckle in the little riser sock.

Lastly, I can't see so well up close without glasses so I've learned to gage the riser setting by laying 3 fingers across the riser strap between the fittings or 4 for takeoff.

Nice wing


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Thanks for the reply, yes I have the early risers...I'll get in touch with paramania I think because they definitely aren't right, don't suppose they will swap them but could at least advise me. I don't mind a bit of faff but I litrally couldn't shift em no matter what I did, I was rocking the wing all over the place fighting with them....

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