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What to check for in a used wing

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Morning all, I'm picking up my first paramotor and wing this week, and obviously I am going to want to fully check everything is 150% good before attempting to use it.

So - this wing is an Airwave Wave, apparently has aprox 30 hours on it, stored loosely packed.

What should I look for when checking it over?, baring in mind that its an older wing but low hours.

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Cleanliness of the wing in general (shows it hasn't been dragged through the mud).

Crispness, the fabric should 'rustle' when moved, shows lack of UV degradation.

Shouldn't be a problem with a 30 hour wing!

Again cleanliness of the lines, shows it is low hours. Used wings do show some discolouration of lines and risers, particularly around the handling area when launching.

No tears to the fabric. Definitely no nicks in any of the lines, though any marks are likely only to the outer nylon sheath with the inner core (the strong bit) of kevlar or aramid being unaffected.

Magnets (if used on the brake handles) in good order.

If in doubt get a second opinion or walk away.

Cheers, Alan

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