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All up weight +

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Hi gents

I am trying to put the finance together for a starter set up but in terms of the wing does it need to be as follows

my weight 120 kg

motor 30kg

bits and bobs 10kg

total 160kg so the wing would need to be say a Universal 34 - (135-170kg) EN-B (135-215KG) DGAC ? or would a 31 Universal 31 (110-140kg) EN-B (110-170KG) DGAC be a better fit?

as for the motor (most likely a bulldog monster) they all seam to be around the same weight so am I right in thinking that the bigger the thrust the less running for launch but slower in flight because of the weight?

the wing would be my first buy so could I combine the duty's of the wing to a bit of paragliding tow launch just to get some air time?

best regards all


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As a 'general rule of thumb', you need to take your weight and add 50kg

This factors in a few things

1, The wing's weight

2, Reserve Parachute

3, Petrol

4, your clothes (assuming you fly with them on) :-)

4, and of course the motor.

At point of purchase, you need to be sure that the wing you are buying is rated for 'tow launch'

Welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-)


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morning Simon

what do you think of the wing Universal 31 or 34 to 170kg all weight me 120kg+50kg wing/motor/fuel/kit I guess I am looking for the wing that does it all !!!

lift a heavy pilot, be stable in the air, usable for both paramotoring and glidering with a tow launch as I will most likely have some time between my wing purchases and training then the motor

I will be off to see Mike Chilvers as soon I move house trying to finance both at the same time..

cheers for the help

best regards

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