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Volution 2 Macro no spark


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Hi there! Really hope someone here can give me some advice.

my volution 2 macro died in mid-air, couldn't get it started again, seems like there's no spark. Also i can see there's no fuel in the line running from carb to cylinder. Don't know weather it's the result of no spark or the cause of no spark??

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

That's a tricky one that will require some logic to be applied...

1, can you be sure there is no spark?

2, can you be sure there is no fuel in the pipe?

Assuming you have fuel but no spark, the first thing to look at is the spark plug. (try another one and see if the spark is stronger) If not the spark, follow the system back to the coil, if no other problems found, its likely to be the coil.

Assuming spark but no fuel, this is either A) a blockage in the system / carb or B) fuel pump (which is a rubber diaphragm inside the carb in this case)

If you deffo don't have both your looking at both courses of action. :-)

That's where I would start, but I am by no means the most mechanical person in the Paramotor Club!!


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