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CAA & 'Aerial Work'

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Hi all

I am a licensed UAV pilot with uk CAA PFAW (Permission for aerial work) so have a good understanding of the ANO.

I am about to start a course in the next few weeks to get myself in to the air in a paramotor as a hobby flier (I've wanted to do it for years!!)

However I can find very little solid info anywhere about the CAA's current stance on paid photography/videography from a paramotor/paraglider.

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Hello and welcome to the Paramotor Club.

In a nutshell, you can not be paid for any type of aerial work in the UK. We have a small aerial filming company, but we specialise in hard to access and remote area 'overseas'

You are allowed to sell 'stock footage' that you have taken from your Paramotor.

Again, welcome :-) :-)


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Morning Simon, thanks for your reply.

Is it simply the case that the ANO currently has no way to deal with aerial work with a PPG? is something in the works?

Or is it actually expressly forbidden?

I've emailed the CAA several times and got nowhere, I honestly don't think even they know!

On a lighter note, I'm really looking forwards to getting up in the air, i've flown small planes but never anything like this (I dont have a PPL though... yet...!)

Something I'm still trying to figure out is legal take-off and landing points, as the 500ft rule doesnt apply during take-off and landing, but what is seen as "reasonable" ? EG a public park on the outskirts of a town?

I'm sure all of this will be covered in the course, but you know how it is when you start something new, you start over-thinking stuff!!

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Well... I just had a VERY interesting conversation with a very helpful guy at the CAA about the current situation.

Basically, as Simon said, its not permitted (although not specifically forbidden) currently, and more surprisingly there is nothing in the works that he knew of regarding PFAW for paramotors.

However, I mentioned the possibility of applying for an exemption as a test case that would allow me to conduct aerial work, to which he sounded rather up-beat with the possibility and suggested that I work with the BHPA to put together a case.

Watch this space.


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Update 2:

This afternoon I had (again) a good and very interesting conversation with the BHPA, and it seems that we are now hopefully working on a case to submit to the CAA for an exemption.

So in short:

> CAA - willing to listen and not at all obstructive, practically encouraging a test case.

> BHPA - Fully on board, very happy to get involved and push forwards.


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