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Moster temperature


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Hi all

I have just replaced the piston and barrel on my second engine due to overheating. My first engine completely distroyed itself due to overheating and this one only had about 20 hours use. The first one i could not find a reason but this time i found fluff on the mesh inside the pump on the carb.

As this is the second overheating problem i have also fitted CHT and EGT sensors.

During the running in cycle on the ground i am getting EGT from 550 deg at 4000rpm to 630 deg at 8000 rpm. Vittorazi state that EGT should be 550 deg. I have checked the plug and it is slightly blacker than ideal suggesting it is slightly rich. The CHT has not exceeded 220 deg but i have only run for 15mins at a time with only 60sec at full throttle. The engine picks up well an seems to run ok.

Has anyone got CHT and EGT sensor's fitted on a Moster and if so what temperature readings do you get at different rpm.

Any advice or comments apprecated as i do not want to damage another engine.



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