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New paramotor-er

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Hi all!

I have been thinking about getting a paramotor for a good while and decided now is the time - JUST DO IT!

I've bought a used motor and wing, both in excellent serviceable condition (but will get them professionally checked out before using)

I'm based near Derby, but annoyingly WELL inside East Midlands CTR :-( so no flights from here unless i can arrange something special with ATC...

I am a licensed UAV pilot with CAA PFAW so have a good understanding of the rules of the air.

I am hoping to take a course locally this autumn, before it gets too cold to enjoy it.

I will have a lot of questions so bare with me!

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Hi L_D,

It might just be a case of having a talk with the guys in the tower at East Midlands and showing them that you have an appreciation of all things procedural with a licensed airport.

When I approached Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green tower staff they were very willing to accommodate me, particularly when I said I was on radio.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I know it is a bit of a difference between Halfpenny Green traffic and East Midlands traffic but worth an approach?

Cheers, Alan

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Hi Alan, thanks for the welcome.

It *Might* be that simple, but i fear it probably wont be:

If you look up "Melbourne, Derbyshire" you will see that it is aprox 4.5km from the end of the runway and DIRECTLY under the aproach path.

Yes I could take off and stay low until i get out of the CTR into the CTA then climb to 1000ft or so, but I think they would be very uncomfortable in having me flying only a few hundred feet under an aproaching DHL 737 cargo plane...

Still trying to find contact details, they dont make it easy do they!!

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