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New Super Lite Trike

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I can't foot launch so much any more so I came up with this trike. Weighs 23 lbs. It's almost all bolt together construction to make it easier to repair and build. Easy to build with woodworking tools. All parts can be bought on line and in almost every ones town. After we are finished with testing we plan to offer it as a plan or kit to assemble.

This is the first one built and so far the only changes we have made were to reduce the lengths of the parts and use smaller bolt sizes.

This trike is intended for the pilot with some experience. Its not built for the punishment a beginner might put it through. But it would be very easy to repair and not leave you on the ground too long should you have a small misshape. We think we can shave more weigh and get it down a few more pounds making it very easy for almost anyone to be able to use without changing wings and motors.

I tried to post a picture but don't have any in my file that fit the size allowance.

I tried to post a link to a video but that doesn't work either. The video can be found under my name Al B Thayer


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Just copy and paste the link to the video ?? How is it not working?


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I tried that but it was a list of letters a mile long. Then I tried to use it and it didn't work. What's the Vimeo button for? [vimeo][/vimeo] I'm not sure how to use that either. That's where my video is uploaded.

I tried to dumb down my pictures but that didn't work either. Help! First it was too many kb. Then the pixel count was too high.


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