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Rules for Paramotor flying


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The Saudi Civil Aviation Club has begun the process for developing the rules for flying paramotors in Saudi and I have been asked if I can assist. Having done the CAA International Airworthiness course I am fully aware of the EASA and CAA rules and regulations for civil transport aircraft but not so much for Micro light (Paramotor) aircraft. Is there anyone out there who could provide advice on how these aircraft are managed from an operational and airworthiness perspective in the UK? I know that the CAA delegate the responsibility to organisations like the BMAA for managing these undertakings but that’s about as far as my knowledge goes.


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There are others who could give you the benefit of their considerable experience in this arena but they are occupied in Dartmoor with the Tip 2 Tip event event preparation/press.

That said, you will have seen the way that the US handles PPG operations and the limitations that they impose. As you know the Saudis base their Civil Aviation Authority on the US model and will understand, and are likely to accept, the FAA view on things. No doubt that is your starting point.

The boys will likely pitch in later, Francis is particularly well qualified as he wears a variety of BHPA hats, has an encyclopedic brain for regulations and grey hair from loads of UK/Foreign paragliding/PPG flying.

Good luck.


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