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Fuel quick release connectors


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Sooo after two XC flights where I have had to limp home with an engine that loses power at random times I think I have found the cause..

I ran the engine up straight after I landed this time to try and replicate the issue and I may as well of been flying with sparkling fuel.

Turns out the quick release connectors on my Zenith (already replaced with metal ones) are letting a LOT of air bubbles in.

Question: can anyone point me to a link for some top quality ones OR I am thinking of doing away with the quick release and putting fixed connectors in...I never take the tank off anyway.


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They are metal CPC one similar to this:

http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.a ... &catid=926

Wondering if its the joint itself or one of the hose connections either side.

What clips are you using to secure the hoses to the nipples?

The quick release part on the tank side does screw into an adapter that has the nipple on it. Clutching at straws but the two metals are different (expand at different rates with heat) and could be fine untill they get warm then start leaking...



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