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PAP1250 Need help


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I have a PAP 1250 with the M25Y Black Devil engine and I have just got it out to start it up (a bit late in the year but I have other hobbies!) and it will start after priming but won't run!

I assume that there is no petrol being 'sucked up' to the carburettor, can somebody explain how this works and what I should be doing please?

Thanks for any help


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You will most likely need to replace the rubber diaphragm 'pump' in the top of the carb as they go brittle and crack when not used for long periods.

It will come as part of a carb service kit :-)

Good luck


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Hi Simon

Thanks for coming back to me.

I have ordered a service kit but the old diaphragms look okay so not sure it will make a difference!

I am not clear how the system works, can someone explain how it works?

It appear that the primer pumps petrol into the head through the decompressor and into the crankcase via the carburettor

flange. What pumps the fuel up (or sucks) after that?



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