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PPGfull kit with trike: wing, motor, harness and trike

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£3900 on skyads - £3800 for paramotorclub members!

A complete trike and/or PPG set for sale here. Reason for sale - I now fly microlight flexwings.

The trike is a trikebuggy bought new from the states. Rock steady stainless steel, perfect for the job. The whole thing fits into the back of a T5 transporter easily along with motor and all the kit. I take the back wheels off to make more room. It has easy A riser tug lines and I will put in the foot steering (in the air) lines aswell.

The wing is an Ozone Speedster 33m - bought from brand new, just 20 hours on it, easy take off and landing, takes the weight oh so easily and cruise at bottom rate fuel consumption. Land as light as a feather.

The motor is a parajet Vol2 Minari ES with 125 carbon prop, around 50 hours, electric and pull start. starts easy never any worries. Plenty power - I weigh 95 kgs bare.

There is a standard harness attached which I have used only twice. Standard parajet harness.

I also have a PPG rated 20m ITV Awak2 bought from new for sale at £1500.

This is a steal. All items are in immaculate order.

Comes with FREE LK8000 GPS unit!

Please contact: david(dot)reckitt(at)gmail(dot)com



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