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Flying in Manchester

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Hey everybody,

I'm quite new to this and I was recently thinking about learning how to paramotor, although became a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to do it anywhere near to where I live, I'm from Manchester, Denton. Which is pretty close to Manchester Airport.

I don't suppose anybody has any information as to where it's safe to fly?


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Hi matey.

I'm from manchester and there are plenty of places you can and can't fly around here. Granted your more central than me and your pretty much screwed around the airport.

The first thing you need is training. You will struggle to do better than manchester Paragliders with Paul Kilburn. He will teach all you need to know including when and where you should fly.

Laying out for decent training short term will save you a lot of money and pain long term.

Google Manchester paragliders and have a look at his site, then give him a bell, he's a decent no bull bloke who will put you in the air safely everytime.

Cheers Lee.

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