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Bit quiet ere!

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All, it was WINDY and at times RAINING but all in all a great weekend of bonding :D Had a very informative revision on First Aid (BLS) and even learnt a few things. Had a brilliant all day breakfast and the evening meal at the Warren was very tasty. FLYING,.....nah. still hoping for a jaunt on Monday. Bring on the good weather PLEASE

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Sneek them into the next Dartmoor Tip to Tip Training by all means Dave! (assuming Whitters is happy)

I feel great having had a solid update on some real life, life saving stuff!

For those who think they know first aid ask this question??

Do you know how to safely remove a pilots helmet to give life saving mouth to mouth without possibly causing spinal damage, or do you not remove the helmet and wait for something to happen?

I can tell you that all of the pilots and ground crew from the Tip to Tip (and farmer Dave) can say yes to this question.

If you don't know the answer, please find out.


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