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There is an option on the miniplane for low (ish) hangpoints on a swining arm system. They use an S shaped bar with the wing at the top of the S. They also have a neat transport box that you can get your helmet into and your fligtsuit (they claim)

they call the high hang system the PSF and the pivting hanger ABM

The manufacturer is Italian.

They claim it is the lightest on the market and at 18.8kg they probably are. Although the Rad used to be 17kg (dont know what the new one is).

This is 7 kilos lighter than a Parajet Micro, say and for a slightly built (e.g.girly) pilot the sheer weight can be a big issue (and also for old gits like me).

Good point about the netting but they seem to offer lots of "specials" so a request for a full net would probably be succesfull. dont forget when buying motors they dont sell many units so drive the deal!

Ultimately you have to fly it to say if it cuts the mustard.

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