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Jing Tong 2m Radio


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I've got one. It's fantastic value for money and it's worth putting up with the slightly annoying features such as the audible tone that plays when you turn it on (it can't be switched off). The main thing to consider is that you will need to find an adapter to make it work with a standard headset as it uses a single pin with an unconventional wiring set up. If you do a Google search you will find loads of good info including a downloadable manual. You will need this as the instructions supplied make no sense at all! I bought mine brand new off ebay for 9 quid (buy it now) plus 12 quid postage!!!

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I have one of those too and it works great after I fixed the problem with the speed-air helmet system! There was a little mod I found on the web,useful if your using it elsewhere other than flying that is to drill a 2mm hole on the the front right next to the 'J' (using just the bit by hand).This reveals the mic pick up that sits behind the cover giving a muffled sound when you transmit from new,now it sounds great! good luck gaz

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Cheers guys,

you'll have to excuse my ignorance here, but what frequencies are alocated to us and what is generally used?

I know that this radio has a range of 136-174MHz.

Also what range do you get from a 2m radio?



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2m frequencies used by paragliders/paramotors

143.950 (most commonly used frequency)











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