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paramotors manufacturers


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hi gents

anyone recommend a good paramotors manufacturer to push an all up weight of around 165kg on budget

Bailey seam to the high end from what I can tell (forgive me if I am wrong) but I have just come across Air conception ? not sure where these would fit in to the scale

hope to start a training session with Footflight in the next few weeks and I am trying to get an idea of all in cost ?

kindest regards

Steve (the newbie)

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I'm a wee bit lighter but not by much. If I was buying again I'd be looking at the bulldog moster+

Great machine.

yeah did spot that one what wing are you using with that I was looking ozone but they don't seam to go up to my weight range 10 kg short!


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Do you mean 165kg including a wing and machine or just dressed?

If you are 165kg dressed then it would be a great idea to try hanging in some machines as your body may not fit in some harnesses.

I was on a paramotor holiday with a big boned person and they couldn't get their bottom into the harness seat, they also were grossly unfit and unable to run on launch or get a motor on their back on their own.

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