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Newbie questions

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Hi everyone,

I recently have started thinking about this activity. I got a couple of questions lingering on my mind, though:

1) is the equipment for powered-paragliders the same as for paragliders (essentially paraglider + engine). Is it possible to go paramotoring one day and then leave the engine behind and go paragliding the next?

2) These aircraft look very portable, and what sounds attractive is to go somewhere on vacation, pull out the paramotor, and go fly. But how realistic is this. Are paramotors light and portable enough to check them in as baggage when getting on a flight to a distant land?

Look forward to all comments.

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Hi 'name unknown' and welcome to the Paramotor club :-)

in the order asked,

1) kind of, there are a few wings now which do both jobs well. There will be some different training requirements though. So just make sure you tell your instructor that you want to do both :-)

2) In a nutshell, yes! :-) UK and US (guessing your from the USA) both require land owners permission and clear airspace :-)

Think no more and make it so! :-)


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