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Helmet failure

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After shelling out £110 on a helmet I am less than impressed with the build quality,and how easily this ripped out. I think I will use my old full face m/bike helmet.

Close up of where the peltor ear defender was attached, there is not much holding the nut in


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That look like a piece of junk to me dude. :-(

The idea of having bolts that long pointing at the side of your head is a little concerning.

Send it back I recon.


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i put the ear defenders on, the bolt is well within the depth of padding inside, I was more concerned with the ease with which the whole thing came off, I only lifted it to take the helmet off, the captive nut only appears to be held in by the depth of the coating on the helmet.

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The thickness of the padding and liner is there to absorb energy in the event of an impact. This happens by crushing them to almost zero thickness. A bolt like that would be as desirable as a hole in the head :shock:

I would expect any external fixing on a safety helmet to be designed to come away in the event of an impact, but if it came away just by lifting it up, that is clearly inadequate.

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