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Just a few things!

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Just a few things I am slightly worried about before I take to the skies again, I have noticed that my tip steering on the right hand side has been tied through the speed-bar lines which when pulled, pulls on that too, can I just untie and tie them back? what happens if the tip steering handle comes off in flight whilst on full trim? Has this ever happened?

Second! I still have fuel in my paramotor from last year, it ran fine in April when I last got a flight, but it still remains old fuel! What is the best thing to do, or should the fuel still be usable?

Lastly, out of interest, can you fly on slow trim with the brakes on the magnets or is this not advised even in smooth conditions?

My instructor did teach me all this but it's been so long I forget!

If I flew more I wouldn't have to worry about these things! :P



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Looking at that second picture, it looks as though if the clip in point were to be fed up (as the picture shows) through the speed bar line that it will arrange it's self into an OK stylee no ???

May be wrong as its hard to tell from the pics.

As always, if in doubt don't fly it. I am sure someone will have a look at it for you locally.


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It seems to be in a tangle, I believe that when I sent it off it had the handles tied with the line passing through the speed bar, I hope I am understanding what you mean Simon and not repeating you :P

I have Mike who is very good at these things, I just thought I would attempt it myself rather than bother him too much! :P

Thank you Simon! I think I will take your advice and leave it! it's okay to fly on slow trim as the normal Brake handles are not affected and so I haven't used a speed bar yet anyway or the tst kit! Even if it's left till the fly in ;)

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I agree with nforster. Riser has gone through between the speed bar pulley lines and itself. Ground handle it holding onto the attachment loops and it will be obvious.

Many say old fuel mix loses its quality in lubricating and burning. I've mixed old with fresh before but your probably best using that fuel in your strimmer or chainsaw.

If your break lines are set up the correct length and your correctly set up hang point position you should be able to park your breaks ok at slow trim.

What motor are you using. Does it have netting?

Hope this helps.


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