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Supair Front reserve container


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Hi guys

I have just replaced my sky light reserve container with a sup air container with cockpit (M).

Two questions that someone may be able to help with as I'm not totally convinced by it:

My sky light XL reserve (130Kg) still seems a bit slack in the container (to be fair it is a light weight reserve) - I have put some foam padding under the cockpit to get a nice fit. It will not interfere with deployment but wondered if this was common in reserve packing?

Second question is the container mounts are plastic and have to be pushed through the harness every time I clip in rather than a clip being left on the harness (unless I install extra carabiners). Has anyone with this container had the clips fail? The old ones had metal clips, its a shame the new ones are plastic.

Worried about how long they will last if the reserve is hanging by one point at times on the ground as they don't seem easily replaceable and at £95 not a cheap option!

There don't seem to be many other options with a close able cockpit.



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