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It was only last year that two paramotors were reported to the police and received a warning for low flying in Wells Harbour. Again last night around 7pm two mindless individuals flew their paramotors recklessly low weaving in and out of yacht masts around the quay and the harbour channel. They then flew on to the Outer harbour scaring hundreds of nesting birds off their nests. It is a pity that a few spoil the reputation of so many others. The police have been informed of this new incident.

Again Harbour Master, Robert Smith is keen to identify those involved. The marshes and Outer Harbour berms are home to Schedule One breeding birds such as Little Terns and it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb these birds while they are nesting. Other birds which nest in the area include Mediterranean Gulls, common terns, Arctic terns, oystercatchers and ringed plovers.

If anyone has any information they can provide please contact us on harbouroffice@wellsharbour.co.uk or telephone 01328 711646.


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I am struggling to think that no one know who this is...

This has had a huge impact locally (in the past as well as this new event)

This is also an area close to where we are having the 2015 fly-in. I will talk to the Police and the Harbour master before the event and ensure them that we all know where the no fly zones are.


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