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Crop Circles

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I just watched a very interesting documentary about crop circles, and it got me thinking that, now as it is approaching summer in England, which is renowned for crop circles....

.....they are best observed from the air, which we have the ultimate tool (toy) to do the observation.

Are there any members who have videos or photos of flying over these creations, and more so, does anyone have any theories as to their creations, albeit manmade hoaxes or whatever?

A very interesting subject that is best observed with a paramotor......any thoughts???


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Crop circles- Man made, evidence, confessions are there...

In saying that- some of them are very well done- considering they're done in the dark, and using rope/planks of wood..

Made me think about a photo I took back in 2009- look at the centre circle on this pitch. They could use a few 'crop circle' techniques here-


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I have been trying to find the footage I took of the epic one that was just behind my house... I cant find it but I can find a pic. :-)

It is odd to be fair, because I did notice a very Alien like white van full of Alien like beings hidden inside of the bodies of what looked from the outside as a normal group of people, parked very close to the Alien event in a place where no one ever parks the late evening before while walking the dogs.

You do have to wonder :shock:

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Geometry works just as well in the dark as it does in daylight.

A knowledge of O level geometry an trigonometry and the aforementioned sticks and string are all that is required to produce accurate, symmetrical designs. Note that many of them use fractals (repeated geometrical features) which are easy to produce and create apparently complex patterns. Essentially giant Spirograph!

The same goes for many of the ancient structures (pyramids etc.) which are built to apparently highly accurate dimensions. Such structures provide a skewed statistical sample. Many more structures were probably built to lower standards, but we only get to see those which were built well enough to last.

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They may be very pretty but they make it a nightmare to harvest and if I found someone doing it into fields they would have my size 10 boot embedded where the sun doesn't shine!

I'd agree 100% Must be infuriating for farmers when this happens- such a waste of a good crop.

Even if it were really aliens, they'd still deserve the size 10s!!!!!

Funny how there are practically no crop circles discovered in Ireland.... wonder why?

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Pretty as they look it is just a few people with string and sticks making them.

That would be interesting to see..."strings and sticks" making some of these intricate designs....


Thanks for that Ben.

Now I can understand how the farmers would be really pissed-off. In reality, another form of graffiti, albeit pleasing to the eye from above.


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