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Bailey V5 needs a de-coke. Need advice


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I think my V5 needs a de-coke and it is starting to run-on when stopping it.

With a 2 stroke it's easy to take the head off, but with a 4 stroke, I was unsure about removing the timing chain and getting the valves setting's right after. Is there an easy way?

Anybody got any advice.

Do I also need a new gasket, or can you reuse the same one?

Any advice welcomed..



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Tried changing the spark plug Paul ? And get the timing checked if you have pre-ignition. Last resort to take it apart. If the plug, timing, and fuel mixture, and good fuel are all right I find it hard to imagine it would coke up. There might even be a fuel additive that could help avoid a strip down


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I have changed the plug and I've not changed the timing, valve clearances are okay, so not sure how that could be out.

The engine starts and runs fine.

The other possible cause could be electrical, so I have removed and cleaned all electrical contacts to see if it make a difference. Upon testing on the ground al is fine, but it was last time also.

I'll hopefully get out tonight and see what happens. I've also got rid of the fuel and replaced with new Esso, so will see what happens.

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