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Bailey V5 won't stop when hot


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I've had issues stopping my engine (V5) on the last few flights. When trying to stop the engine after a flight it won't stop. It tries to stop but takes a few mins to to actually stop. The idle is lower, but not enough to stop it.

On the ground it works fine, it's just after a flight (suspect when it's hot). I checked the wiring and it seems okay and after tonight's flight I have stripped all the electrics and cleaned all contacts.

I'll try it on the ground again tomorrow, but won't know if it's fixed until I fly again, and that depends on the weather. Any ideas?

Can the coil unit go faulty and cause stopping issues?

I know others have had issues with a broken wire, but I've throughly checked them out.

I hope now it's had a good Strip/clean it will be OK.

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If you have a lot of carbon build up in the head/piston from running too rich for a long time, it can ignite the air fuel mixture without needing a spark.

You may need to de-coke the head if it's not an electrical issue.

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Did you find the engine runs / feels very hot, not just the exhaust but the whole crankcase, head and everything.

also did your Bailey have an occasional miss or splutter at idle,

lastly when the motor is idle sometimes it will stop suddenly with a load squeak noise? Could be the belt slipping. Mine sounds like it has a miss fire at idle or could be carby related. 

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