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Hello all,

Just thought i would say hello and introduce myself here rather than on the general site as i'm going to be flying the Worc's area when ive finished my training.

Done a couple of days paraglider training in wales a few years back but lost heart when only achieved 2days out of 2weeks holiday.

This time i intend to do ground handling in the Uk and then off to Slovakia for a weeks paramotor training.

Almost ready to order my wing, motor etc in time for when i return.

Would love to come and join you guys sometime if you dont mind a newby tagging along.

Kind Regards


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Thanks for the warm welcome.

The Paramotor training is with http://wingsforyou.co.uk/sk/wings-for-you

I think the instructor is called Martin Simko but I have been talking with Mark/Marek who is based in the UK and will be doing the ground handling training with me.

Decided to go with training abroad so I had odds in my favour of getting good flying weather. (fingers crossed)

I live in Tardebigge (between Bromsgrove and Redditch) near the prisons.

Already put the feelers out for a launch field, A guy I was friends with many moons ago has a farm but also owns a private runway/airstrip so hoping to get in touch with him soon.

Thanks for the invite Jock, I might try and get down over a weekend to start meeting people and help out where I can.

Unfortunately not this weekend as I'm off to the Lake district for a week.

Catch you soon


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