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Early morning calm despite the forecast??

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I just wanted to ask my brethren (sorry watching too much GoT recently)...

I have been out the game for a while but very much back in. Keen to fly when I can. So, usual story, Monday has looked good for some time now (I'm in South Devon where 9 days out of 10 are windy). Slowly as the day arrived the wind forcast picks up. Now I'm talking about arriving at the field at 6am for a 6.30 to 7am take off. Thing is the focast stands at 15mph in a perfect direction. It is due to increase slight over the hour. I only want an hour at most..happy with half an hour.

Anyway as we all the know most days start dead calm despite the wind forecast.

How many of you use that early morning calm despite wind forecasts or is it too risky? Main thing being the landing in wind I guess.

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Earlier the better :-)

Don't take off into conditions that you know to be worsening. :-)

The evening glass off is the best time as the conditions will be getting calmer as your flight goes on. :-)


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We have the same issue in Farnborough (Forecast seems to be a bit high compared to reality). We're off to the field this evening hoping the 13mph gusting 18mph forecast will be less in reality. The forecast has been all over the place the last few weeks and completely missed a couple of calm evenings..

Winds are due to drop into the night and the nearest cold front is over Ireland so should be an improving picture...

In theory...


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