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Satellite trackers


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Has anyone got any experience of these?

I often fly alone and as a new pilot my wife worries every time I got out.

Last week I forgot my mobile so did not call my wife when I landed as normal. Obviously when I got home after dark I was in trouble!

I mentioned trackers and she wants me to buy one.

I have narrowed it down to 3 options.

spot Gen3

DeLorme InReach SE

Flymaster GPS+ with PAYG SIM

The crucial thing is it needs to be standalone and always be attached to my Paramotor so I don't forget it. I have the older flymaster gps with no SIM card so would upgrade if I choose that option. Obviously this requires a mobile signal whereas the first 2 work anywhere.

The key advantage of the inreach is you can communicate both ways so you get confirmation your message got through but it's more expensive.

Any experiences, recommendations or other options?

£10 / month is a small price to keep the wife happy :D

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I have used the SPOT extensively in some bad arse remote areas. It is an amazing bit of kit, and includes global emergency response when the SOS button is pressed. :-)

When it comes to something that you hope you will never need, you want it to work the one time you need it! :-)

SPOT are the expedition type's 'kit to have' You misses can also track you via a web page while your flying.


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