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hello from Halifax/Huddersfield area

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I'm Ben. I live on the Halifax/Huddersfield border.

I looked at paramotors years ago and talked myself out of it.

Bought a traction kite and learnt not to put a 5m kite up in 25mph winds. In the time it took it to pass through the power window and get overhead I'd covered half a football pitch. Luckily the only injury was my best mate laughing so hard he nearly collapsed.

So fast forward 11 years and here I am. 10kg heavier, more responsibilities and a bit of disposable income.

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Hi Ben, welcome.

Go for it you won't regret it. If you feel apprehensive that's good, it shows you are aware and thinking of the experiences.

I came to PPG quite late but it's a real passion now, up to 230 hours now.

I took the attitude if anyone else can do it so can I :)

Cheers, Alan

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