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Flying Loch Lomond

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Hi All,

I'm heading up to Loch Lomond this Easter weekend and have decided its worth putting my motor and wing in the car. Having never flown in the Scottish mountains before I have some questions.

(1) Is there anyone local to the area that could offer some advice or suggest a suitable take off and LZ field?

(2) I will check NOTAMS and Military channels for low flying but is there anything else I should check for flying in the Scottish hills?

(3) Can anyone that has flown around Loch Lomond give me some suggestions on flight path? Considering a pootle over Ben Lomond as a first suggestion.

(4) Would anyone like to join me on Sunday?

Feel free to contact me on 07720 680 586 with any advice/warnings etc etc. Any information will be much appreciated.

Many thanks, Paul

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Sorry, only just seen this. Assume you have done it now as we had great weather.

I've done Ben Lomond, nice trip up from Drymen. There is a decent field near Drymen that is popular for PPG.

Watch out on a lap of Loch Lomond, very few land out options north of Ben Lomond and on the West side of the Loch.

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