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Muffin the Mule needs some help!!


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After a limping return flight yesterday it appears I need a new reduction belt on my Volution (Mk 1 version)

I have had a good look and a go, but Muffin the Mule keeps nodding his head and has no idea!!

Now living by the North Cornwall coast I am hoping for a kind 'mule arse kicker' who will show me how to replace and tighten a replacement one :) Obversely willing to travelling to you if your near to me and have the right boot size etc for the job!

Any help would be appreciated guys :)

PM or phone - Many thanks


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1, crack off the clamping nut that holds the large pulley. This has to be done by loosening the nut a good few turns before the allen head can be turned out a few turns.

2, somewhere on the side of the circular 'let's call it (drive shaft)' you will find a small hole enough for an allen key to fit into.

3, The above hole, should be used to turn the (drive shaft) either clockwise or counter clockwise until the belt is tensioned. ***TIP*** it's helpful to have someone to help you with the next step....

4, while holding the required tension on the belt, re-tighten the clamping bolt. Allen head first, then bolt.

Hope this helps mate, if not your always welcome to visit! :)


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Cheers all - Simon, Colin and Stuart for the help.

When I get the part I'll have a go first, if not I'll phone someone for help over the phone.

I thought I might get a friendly guy from the 'Duchy' answering my calls..... :)

Many thanks

I can always call for the flying doctor to call in :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well good progress was made. Had a couple of good flights yesterday around the coast in this lovely weather :D . No slipping of the belt and all went well.

So, the patient was treated with care and the implant was replaced.

Only confirmation phone consultancies work was carried out and the patient was out and off his feet in no time.

Many thanks for the advice to all.

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