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Brand New Miniplane

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So, just took delivery of a miniplane. Well, not exactly a miniplane, more a box of components that are spread across my living room.

There are no assembly instructions but I think I've worked out how to put it together using various online resources and youtube video's but I have a couple of questions:

Prop - I have a prop, a large spacer a small disk and a rubber disk. I'm assuming I put the large spacer in, then the prop, then the disk, then put the screws in but is that right? And where does the rubber disk go?

Harness - I've got the standard miniplane harness, how do you attach the bottom of the harness to the bottom of the frame? There are two small straps with plastic buckles that I've wrapped around the frame which looks alright but I am not sure if that's 100% correct.

Whilst I'm putting it together, I'd appreciate any other advice or common mistakes - I've read that you should never try and start it without the spark plug in (or earthed) and I've also worked out what the random bottle of oil is for (gear box fluid), anything else I should know?


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There is a UK dealer Michel Carnet... I'm not sure how active he is tho.. I'm sure if you asked the Factory the details of any UK dealer they would have told you who he was so you could go Via him and get a proper hand over of your new machine..

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I know that.... :wink:

Why not ask the factory for his details and ring him :lol:

It might be a good idea to get in contact if you have any issues with your machine in the future...

We would Love to become the UK dealer for Miniplane but i don't want to tread on his toes as he is very local to me...

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I would wade in if I were you. Whoever is supposed to be serving the UK doesn't seem to be very visible or pro-active. I looked around the internet for a few hours trying to work out how to buy one and sent emails in various directions. Eventually, I contacted the factory and asked how to buy one in the UK, they sold me one but didn't mention a UK dealer and there are no links to anyone in the UK that I could find on their site.

There must be space for more than one dealer to hold their stock.

In the mean time, it's actually quite a good exercise, my parajet was totally squared away when I got it and they even fitted the reserve for me. Going through the process of putting this mini plane together is forcing me to get to know it a bit better. It's actually only the exhaust and harness that I've had to connect but for a techno biff like me, that's a major challenge!

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Pat, When my Miniplane dealer delivered my machine, and briefed me on the assembly (Miniplane Ireland), I took photos of the complete process. I'll put these online soon- it should be some help for you. I think one of the USA dealers has a video on Youtube too, but I think the photos would be good enough.

Sorry I cant get it done sooner- hopefully I'll get some time to do it by Friday.

Miniplane Ireland are excellent- great service, advice. I'd rate them 100%

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It's a bit old fashioned, but it would be worth signing up to these to yahoo groups. The Top80 group is particularly helpful. Any problems you are having, post a question and you will get a quick and knowledgeable response. It's one of the best reasons for buying a Miniplane.



You will also find this website a mine of useful information


I had the same problem with Miniplane UK, couldn't even get a price out of them.

Fly safe,


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Thanks so much for this - legendary!

I'm going to start running the motor in this evening, hopefully I'll be able to fly at the weekend. I'll let you know how I get on.

Yes- follow the instructions in the manual for the run in, and you'll be fine.

Check all your bolts/nuts after the run in, especially around the exhaust... just to make sure none are loose.

After a while you may notice some oil coming out of the connection between the exhaust port and the exhaust. After a few flights I got a special conical copper washer from Miniplane, that solved this issue. I'm sure Miniplane Ireland would dispatch one for you if you asked them.

It's a shame that the UK don't have a dealer. Miniplanes are sold on 'word of mouth', they are the best kept secret in paramotoring- and the best machine I've ever flown. You wont believe how economical they are on fuel.


PS- Make sure you have a prop on before you start the engine.

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I think no one can contact him dude.

I had a couple of female students wanting the mini plane last year and neither of them had any success when trying to buy one. I tried once for them via FB with also no joy.


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There IS a UK Miniplane dealer.... :roll: Michel Carnet.... as posted above... :roll:

'In paper' perhaps...... but does he actually sell anything for Miniplane?

I've seen no promotion of the brand in the UK, and heard numerous counts of fustrated customers wanting to buy a Miniplane, but being unable...., and attempts at communication being ignored. This is not a dealer.... not even a seller....

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Its a competitive market out there for Paramotors.... I don't believe anyone should have to queue up to spend money... but at the same time why compromise on a good machine for an alternative brand?? If people in the UK want to buy Miniplanes, there should be a route..... Other Miniplane dealers should be allowed to step into the UK territory, or a UK dealer who actually has a desire to sell machines should be appointed.--- FAST!!!

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Thanks for your help with the set up - and the pic often he prop was v helpful.

First impressions on the ground are v positive - started easily, really smooth and quiet engine, can't believe the difference. Haven't flown yet but I am beginning to see why these are popular.

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First flight with the miniplane today was 'interesting' - i have to confess to being a bit of a tool and I will share my idiocy so others can learn and you are all very welcome to take the piss - I will post a separate thread in the safety room.

I went to my local take off spot, really took my time making sure I was happy. I did a great forward launch into a light breeze, checked wing was nicely level and as it should be then applied gas, ran like a gazelle. After 100 meters and a tiny bit of lift, I had to kill the engine before running out of field. I'm close to max weight for a miniplane so I was expecting to run but was a bit surprised and disappointed with the lack of thrust. This happened. Three times and I was beginning to think I bought the wrong machine but I decided I just need a longer field (and lose some weight) so moved to another spot. After setting up, I got a good shape in the wing, went to full throttle and ran.. And ran and ran. I finally lifted off after 100m or so and very very slowly got about 100 feet agl, the machine was vibrating like hell. I turned down wind to avoid trees and began losing altitude immediately a, only gaining again when I turned into wind. Massive lack of thrust and the violent vibration led to a quick landing. The issue was immediately obvious. One of the prop blades was facing the wrong way! The curved edge was following and the sharp edge leading.

I'm surprised I managed to fly at all.

After a full check (the vibration had loosened exhaust screws and damaged the air filter box) I flew again, this time taking off easily in about 25 metres, climbing gracefully on a smooth, quiet, vibration free ride around my village before touching back down beautifully to the delight of neighbours and a couple of dog walkers.

Conclusion, miniplane is really really lovely to fly, but ffs check the prop is on correctly!

Thankfully no harm done and I'm now a wiser pilot.

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