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check your leg straps!

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I was flying along yesterday and shortly before landing, it occurred to me that I have never once checked my leg straps before shifting out of my seat.....so this time I did....only to find one of them undone! I know it's only a lucky coincidence that I had that thought at exactly the right time, but it's strange none the less!

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Well done for spotting it before it became a problem dude!

It is vitally important that both leg straps are secured so as a rule, I always do them up first.

During the Tip to Tip I took off for the first time ever without my leg straps done up, there was no drama apart from the fact that actually trying to do them up while flying is harder than you may imagine. But if I was not 'in the harness' on take off which can happen sometimes I would surely be dead now. :-(

There are a couple of PG videos around on the tube where people have forgot to do them up. Here is one of them




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